B2B Lead generation on autopilot

Here are sales and marketing tools in a platform that enables you to generate more hot and qualified leads
– all the while creating a more targeted and relevant user experience.

Lead Tracking

You can track your subscribers' digital footprint. See which pages your subscribers visit, whether they read your emails, and whether they download your files. Subscriber tracking gives you insight into personal website activity and interest in your products.

Lead Scoring

Lead scoring gives you an overview of your hot leads. Fastbase LeadScoring tracks your leads' digital footprint on your website, reads their buying signals, and calculates priority lists of hot leads - which you can make into new customers.


Prospects in Fastbase LeadScore give you a full overview of which companies visit your website. This means that you can be more proactive in your sales and marketing, as well as gain more knowledge and insight about potential customers.

Customer Journey

Track yours leads' customer journey and be able to deliver perfect personalized marketing. With Fastbase's Customer Journey feature, you win the digital customer journey.

Marketing Automation

Increase the ROI on your marketing efforts with our marketing automation tool. Send the right message, to the right lead, at the right time.


Fastbase takes a new approach to CRM, where we put your website at the center of processing your leads and customers. Fastbase CRM features makes sales and service more efficient.


What can Fastbase LeadScoring do for you?

Here you get the tools for sales and marketing to take advantage of the digital footprint.
We connect the processes in sales and marketing closely so that the two disciplines work together according to a common goal.
You get more customers who you can sell to over and over again...


  • Gain insight into your customers' and leads' digital footprint
  • Unlimited lead score models so you can target messages
  • Automatically segment the newsletter list, by online behavior
  • Send automated, targeted newsletters and text messages
  • Personalize email by customer journey and your segmentation
  • Omnichannel with data for Facebook, email systems and the website
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  • Find companies that have visited your website
  • View the digital footprint of contacts
  • See if your emails and offers are opened and read
  • Create automatic follow-up processes and save time on cold leads
  • Get notifications on hot leads that you can turn into new customers
  • Focus your time on hot leads, and get more sales
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We build lead scoring for Mailchimp!

"We love Mailchimp but needed more website engagement data to improve CTR. Now we run campaigns triggered by Fastbase LeadScoring.
Targeting the right leads - with the right message – with perfect timing."

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